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Cut the Crap, Keke Palmer Is a Human Being

Recently, I have noticed a lot of hatred on social media. This is typical but the hatred and anger has been directed to a particular person, Keke Palmer. Keke Palmer is a very successful young woman, and her positive and carefree attitude is one I know many appreciate. Everywhere I turn I see Keke Palmer having to defend herself…for being herself. Here are just a few examples from twitter. I will later describe the mess that is Trey Songz and the absolute nonsense he dragged her into.

First of all, Yes Rihanna slays looks similar to this but other women can dress similarly. What is the most dishearting aspect to seeing a post like this is knowing it is coming from a woman of color and that Rihanna has specifically said that she does not like the idea of women being pinned against each other, especially black women. At the end of the day Keke is trying to find and dress like herself, who are we to judge her?

“It’s not a mistake to look in your natural state.” This is one example of the body positivity we need to start promoting and not shut down. We cannot build women up when we socially restrict them to dress codes and mandates, you aren’t a feminist if you drag women for dressing in a way you wouldn’t. It’s her body, her life and her right!

Here are a couple recent examples of Keke Palmer building girls up while others try to bring her down.

In less than twenty four hours after The Women’s March which served as a great moment of unity and inspiration for women all over the world, Keke Palmer posted this on her Instagram.

What Keke Palmer is describing is not only theft but sexual harassment. Why did she have to hide in a closet due to tension? Why couldn’t this grown man who has known her since the age of twelve give her the space she demanded and accept her answer as no? Because he saw her as a prop, because he thought his music video was more important than her voice. Because we live in a rape culture where a woman says no and society says “shut up”. I mean look at these tweets attacking Keke for sharing her truth. I also see magazines and media sites blaming her to an extent…which is the very foundation of rape culture. We need women, especially women of color to speak out against sexism because sadly although it is very prominent so many people don’t believe it exists. When Ariana Grande spoke out against her issue with being treated like a piece of meat she was bashed and degraded, but she also had a mass amount of support. Every woman deserves that, why isn’t Keke receiving the support from us? Especially black women. We need to protect each other and support each other. The tweets below are spot on observations on the situation.

Keke Palmer is not a flop. She is a major character on the trending show Scream Queens, she was the first black woman to play Cinderella on broadway, she hosted her own show “Just Keke” and she has won and been nominated for several awards. Even if she wasn’t successful she doesn’t deserve this treatment. She is a human being and we should treat her as such. In the future I want to see posts like the one below, because deserves it.

Stay woke and LEAVE KEKE ALONE!

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