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Super Bowl Party Guidebook

They playoffs are over and it’s time for the one of the biggest sports games of year: the Super Bowl. It’s also that time of the year some Americans collectively watch football together pretending they’ve watched any other games this season. Nonetheless, the Super Bowl has become a staple in American pop culture events. So whether or not you know who the Patriots or the Falcons are, grab some friends, sit at the TV, and dip those nachos in these tips for Super Bowl 51.

1. Pick a team and root for them. Depending on if your living room audience is comprised of diehard fans or not, it can be a lighthearted practice. If your team didn’t make it to the big game, pick a team anyways so you’re more invested in the outcome.

2. Don’t assume women at Super Bowl parties don’t know anything about football. Just don’t.

3. If you’re going to go hard on snacks: coordinate with your friends so you all don’t bring 2-liters of soda. Designate snack responsibilities, share, and prosper together.

4. Hamilton fans: don’t miss out on the national anthem. The Schuyler Sisters are performing!

5. The commercials are the most notable part of the Super Bowl, especially for viewers who don’t normally watch NFL games. With the sheer number of viewers, CBS charges $5 million dollars for a 30 second tv spot. With that much cold, hard cash, advertisers bring their A game. Every year there’s always a few gems that are worth experiencing live instead of watching youtube compilations on Facebook the morning after. Schedule your bathroom breaks accordingly and don’t miss out.

6. Lady Gaga is performing at the halftime show! It is to be expected that she will execute this performance as well as highlighting her creativity on the national stage. There’s also rumors about possibly politically motivated influences during the show.

7. If you’re working Super Bowl Sunday or you can’t watch: our hearts are with you. There’s no shame in the youtube compilations mentioned earlier!

Sports fan or not, if you have the opportunity to grab some friends to watch the pop culture spectacle, have an enjoyable time!

P.S. If you’re drinking, please drink responsibly this weekend. Call a friend or Lyft, it’s not worth endangering you or someone else’s life.

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