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‘The Get Down’ Part 2 Has a Release Date

The Netflix original show The Get Down was first released on August 12th of last year, and both the six episode series and its star-studded soundtrack quickly became popular among audiences. Now, less than a year later, Netflix has announced that part two of the show will be released on April 7th, 2017.

The show, created by Baz Luhrmann, takes place in the late 1970s and chronicles the birth of hip hop through the lives of a group of teenagers in the South Bronx. With their amateur DJ named Shaolin Fantastic, they explore the underground world of rap battles, street art, drag queens, and drug dealers while navigating the rocky politics of 1970s New York and trying to get their new form of music recognized.

The cast of the show is full of breakout stars such as Justice Smith, who plays the lyrical mastermind Ezekiel, and Herizen Guardiola, who plays aspiring disco singer Mylene. Shameik Moore, who got his first major role as Malcolm in the 2015 movie Dope, stars in the show as DJ Shaolin Fantastic, as well as Jaden Smith starring in the role of street artist Dizzee.

You can watch the teaser clip for part 2 here. Part 1 left off with The Get Down Brothers winning their first battle against the Notorious Three, and Mylene Cruz & the Soul Madonnas getting their first hit single with “Set Me Free.” The teaser suggests that the Brothers will now be looking to become an accomplished musical group, with Shaolin Fantastic saying, “We’re gonna take our music from minor to major league.” Mylene will also have to deal with her strict Pentecostal priest father and his effect on her career in disco music as well as her ability to escape the Bronx. Fans of the show are excitedly awaiting to see how the musical careers of these characters will play out.

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