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How To Survive Finals Right Before Summer Break

Finals are always stressful, but they can be even more stressful and unmotivating right before the holidays. People are starting to discuss their summer plans, and they’re watching the days go by before they’re released from school. However, whether you actually have something planned or not, finals can be a very hard thing to study for because, in all honesty, we all want and deserve a break from all the stress that school has caused us. However, if we want to get to our summer break we need to survive finals first, so here a few ways you can motivate yourself to work your hardest:

1) Remind yourself that your summer break is almost near

If you have something to look forward to after your finals such as summer, hanging out with friends or family, catching up on tv shows or sleeping in. These little reminders can help you push through studying.

2) Take study breaks!

This one is pretty obvious but there is only so much that your brain can take in at a time so make sure to take little breaks doing things you like such as going for a walk or writing in your journal but make sure your break isn’t longer than your study session!

3) Work at a study space that you enjoy

Studying at your desk is a lot more effective than studying in your bed since you are not as likely to fall asleep on it. However, working at a desk space that you are happy with is even better! If possible stick pictures or quotes of things that motivate you and make you happy up on your wall or as your desktop screen on your laptop.

4) Get off social media!

We all know how distracting social media can get and how a quick 5-minute twitter check can turn into 4 hours wasted, so make sure that you have your phone turned off and put away to eliminate all distractions. However, if you are working on your laptop there are many website blockers that you can use such as StayFocusd and strict workflow.

5) Get some sleep!

Studying can be very mentally draining and it can take up a lot of energy so make sure that you aren’t just staying up till 3 a.m. studying but also treating yourself to a good 7-8 hour rest.


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