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ISIS Has Attacked the Philippine City of Marawi

ISIS forces launched an attack on the Philippine City of Marawi. Armed members of a rebel group have replaced the Philippine flag in Amai Pakpak Medical Center. Soldiers are at the sight fighting for control of the medical center and surrounding areas. Philippine citizens are advised to stay inside while government troops fight these rebel groups.

Four people are dead: 1 guard and 2 ambulance drivers, and one soldier. ISIS groups have started to torch buildings, schools, and other public buildings. According to a local resident, Dansalan College was burned. Homes are being trespassed and ISIS flags are being raised throughout the city. Blocked roads prevent citizens from escaping the city, and emergency response buildings have been taken over. Prison inmates have been released by the groups. The roadblocks from nearby cities prevent any more people from going towards Marawi. 

It seems like this attack is an attempt by ISIS to take over the city and claim as their own. The city is officially the “Islamic City of Marawi”, a predominantly Muslim city. ISIS claims responsibility for an attack at Ariana Grande concert in the U.K. yesterday and the flags indicate that this attack is an ISIS doing as well.

The Armed Forced of Philippine Chief of Staff has said that the troops are neutralizing the situation and predicts that there are approximately 50 armed men. Additionally, the spokesman of the Philippine Armed Forces, Brig. Gen. Restitute Padilla, has said that there is still ongoing fire and gunshot noises. The government has promised immediate action. 

It is important for all people to take part of the international community and condemn these terrorist acts.

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