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Tom Brady Named Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year

Veteran quarterback Tom Brady has been named Sports Illustrated’s Sportsperson of the year award for 2021 after leading his Tampa Bay Buccaneers side to a Super Bowl triumph in his first season with the franchise.


It’s the second time the 44-year-old NFL legend has picked up the award, having clinched it way back in 2005, and continues to show the impact that the seven-time Super Bowl winner has on sports in general, despite his advancing years.


Brady is sure to be leading the way when it comes to prop betting, especially if he leads Tampa to another Super Bowl, and you can keep on top of all that action with the PropShop, the number one app for player bets. 


The longevity and ongoing success of Brady’s career are quite startling, and his ability to still rank highly on all NFL metrics shows that he isn’t even slowing down when it comes to delivering the goods.


Brady has always been refreshingly honest when it comes to discussing how his body manages to keep up with the stresses and strains of an NFL season;


“I’d say there are parts of me that are 55, and I think there are parts of me that are 25,” 


“What parts? I think I’m wise beyond my years. I think I’ve had a lot of life experience packed into 44 years. When I go through the tunnel and onto the field? Probably mid-30s—and I’ve got to work really hard to feel good. It’s a demolition derby every Sunday. I feel 25 when I’m in the locker room with the guys. Which is probably why I still do it.”


Every week sees Brady set new boundaries when it comes to NFL records; this past weekend, he helped Tampa to an overtime win over the Buffalo Bills, the 33rd win he’s secured over the Buccaneers’ opponents.


Tom Brady tops the NFL passing yards with 4134 to his name, some 200 plus yards ahead of Derek Carr in the second spot. Similarly, his 36 passing TDs put him top of the table in that department and provide ample evidence that the former New England Patriots star isn’t slowing down when it comes to an end product.


Bruce Arians’ side sits comfortably top of the NFC South with a 10-3 record, way clear of the Atlanta Falcons, and are sure to make in-roads into the postseason and who would bet against Brady completing back-to-back Super Bowl triumphs and collecting an eighth Super Bowl ring?


One does wonder quite how much longer Brady’s body can handle the pressure of NFL life; this is, after all, his 23rd season in the American football cauldron. 


It seems that Brady too wonders what might come next;


“​​I imagine not playing. And I imagine watching football on Sundays going; these guys suck. I could do way better than that. And then still knowing in my heart that I actually could still do it. If I stopped, I think I’d have to find something else that I’m pretty good at. And I don’t think that you know, I’m going to be able to jump into something that has the same amount of excitement.”

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