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5 Pop & Rock Bands with Amazing Harmonies

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If there is one thing fans truly appreciate when listening to their favorite bands, it would be the amazing harmonies that so few seem to even attempt. In every era there are a few that stand out from the crowd and so here we will look at five pop and rock bands from the 1960s onwards. Some you will immediately recognize and some you may have only heard of as they were long before your time. Let’s give it a go then!

1. The Beach Boys

So many bands over the years have tried to emulate the sound of the Beach Boys for both their harmonies as well as the good times they seemed to express in their sound. It may be a bit difficult to harmonize quite as this early California pop band did but there is technology to help you capture your own sound. In fact, you can try the Vocal Harmony Generator for FREE. Just don’t try to duplicate the harmonies in Good Vibrations. Instead, learn to create your own with a little help from technology, that is.

2. The Beatles

There will never be another band that will impact history quite like the Beatles with what was coined the “British Invasion.” Most of the songs you will find represented on this list have harmonies typically in the chorus, but this particular song was in its entirety, one long harmony. Sung by John, Paul and George it was a masterpiece for its time, why? Because!

3. Queen

What do we remember about Queen? Most would say the phenomenal talent of Freddie Mercury but there is another layer to their success, besides Avant Garde showmanship. Sometimes it was difficult to register just how impressive their harmonies were because all eyes were focused on Freddie. With that said, listen to Bohemian Rhapsody for a new appreciation of all that Queen was and will be remembered for in generations to come.

4. Simon and Garfunkel

Although not technically a group, this duo had amazing harmonies in many of their hit songs. However, the one that rose them to stellar fame in 1964 is the embodiment of harmonies that express the emotions of the words being sung. This will be forever indelible in the eyes of fans everywhere. Can you hear the Sounds of Silence?

5. The Eagles

Although fans most remember Glenn Frey as the singer songwriter of this next memorable tune, his amazing lead vocals were backed by equally amazing harmonies of the other members of the band. Once you listen to Lyin’ Eyes you will understand just how perfect their background harmonies really were.  The Eagles had a crossover kind of sound and were often argued as being pop, country rock and folk. Actually, all of these assessments would be accurate as there is no doubt that they were a multi-talented group that was able to artistically express a wide variety of genres.

There are so many other bands that had amazing harmonies, but these are chosen because they set the stage for a generation of musicians who loved what they heard and were inspired by these bands. Can you name bands with harmonies that inspire you? If so, then you are on the road to success.

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