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Tipsy Elves: The Clothing Brand Dedicated To Expressing Yourself And Having Fun

As one of most critically acclaimed reality television shows, Shark Tank, has been at the forefront of entrepreneurism for nine seasons. But have you ever wonder what happens to the business after the cameras turn off? One of the original Shark Tank success stories, Tipsy Elves, has only grown since being on the show in 2013. Tipsy Elves is a clothing brand that specializes in outrageously fun outfits. They provide attire for any occasion, from

A Growing Yet Controversial Trend: K Pop Reality Shows

Fans from all ages and provinces cheering in ebullience– laughing, giggling, recording, singing, and grooving along with the rising stars of Korea. Produce 101 has been a famous reality survival show displayed prominently in Korea where 11 members among 101 trainees were chosen to debut as a new musical group. People eagerly tuned into this program for 2 seasons- one for women and one for men. The tingly sensation of voting for the most talented


Get Ready For MO POP!

If you live near the Detroit area and are looking to hear some great music, get ready to attend the MOPOP music festival on July 29th and 30th. The venue is located at West Riverfront Park and tickets start at $75 if you get them before the day of the show and $90 on the day of the event. Aside from getting to watch headliners Solange and Foster The People perform, MO POP offers multiple

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Dear South Asian Movies, Let’s Stop Romanticizing Problematic Tropes

As someone who is of Indian descent, I love my culture. This includes South Asian movies. I will watch anything from regional Telugu movies to the latest Bollywood hits. However, the older I get and the more such movies I watch, I am starting to realize how some of the tropes in these movies can be problematic. One of the issues I have with South Asian movies is how they are (mostly) very male-oriented. It is


Guide to Wong Kar-wai’s Films

Hong Kong filmmaker, Wong Kar-wai has been prolific for his unique visual style and applauded as an auteur for many of his renowned films not only locally but also internationally. An important figure in contemporary cinema, particularly as a versatile director, he is considered as one of the best directors from the Hong Kong cinematic wave and even, in his generation. His works have been influenced by other directors including Quentin Tarantino, Lee Myung-se and


Should You Watch ‘Girlboss’ Or Not?

Girlboss. Everyone’s been talking about it – Just Google ‘Girlboss reviews‘. From a quick scan of the results, you can infer that people have mixed views. IMDb gave the new Netflix series a 7.2/10, while Rotten Tomatoes only gave it a 32%. One article for The Guardian says the show is “a tone-deaf rallying cry to millennial narcissists”. Ouch. Another article for Vox pretty much just claims that the show gets boring, because it’s trying too


As ‘Girls’ Comes To an End, We Must Address the Problematic Lena Dunham

The six-season, comedy-drama television series Girls has finally come to an end. The HBO-produced and Lena Dunham-curated series follows the lives of four white women living in New York City. Think of it as the popular TV show Friends, but with a white feminist twist. The main character, Hannah, finds herself in a rut when her parents announce they will no longer be supporting her financially, and she must brace the downfall of her privilege


People Magazine, Scared of Diversity and Change, Gives Award to Julia Roberts for the 5th Time

  People Magazine announced this years “most beautiful person” and not surprisingly, it was a mediocre white person, that they’ve already given the award to. Four other times. Julia Roberts was given the award, her fifth time as winner, and setting records for the forty-nine year old actress. People Magazine seems to have decided that Julia Roberts should win every five years or so, giving it to her in 1991, 2000, 2005, 2010 and now


An Open Letter to Stan Twitter: ’13 Reasons Why’ Is Not About Who Deserved Better

Warning: this article discusses suicide and contains spoilers. Practically everyone’s talking about the newest Netflix sensation: 13 Reasons Why. If you haven’t watched it already, I don’t know what you’re waiting for. It’s a thirteen episode show where Hannah Baker outlines the thirteen reasons she killed herself on thirteen tapes, all for the listening pleasure of each person who led her closer to her suicide. Whether people liked or didn’t like the show, it’s done one


How ‘Survivor’ Contestant Zeke Smith Was Outed As Transgender On National Television

On Wednesday night, one of the most cruel moments in Survivor history was witnessed by more than 8 million viewers. After 34 seasons, we have watched lots of strategies be made by the players, including backstabbing and lying. But the line is crossed once a contestant’s personal life gets in the way, and that is when strategy stops being strategy and becomes pure evil. Jeff Varner, an openly gay man from North Carolina, played the

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